What chemistry?  His eyes looked into mine, but my eyes turned away so quickly because I didn’t want him to see the fire that burned deep within my soul. 

His touch against my hand was like a magnetic force that reached deep into my flesh, but I did not resist his touch because it was too late. My heart was already beating to the rhythm of his charm. 

His kiss allured me and it sealed our fate to be together no matter what the cost was, he saw this as a magnificent opportunity to be a part of my destiny. 

So inseparable you see when the chemistry is clear between two who can just be in each other’s space without questioning.  “Is it just me?”

For those who are experiencing the “wait.” May the energy you give be received well and the chemistry between two be so on point, you won’t have to question it. 

A Divine Intervention 

A Physical Attraction 

A Genuine Love ❤️ 

Raquel ©

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