Somewhere Beautiful 

I want to go somewhere beautiful with you. 

To wake up to the sun rise shining through my sliding glass windows and being able to see the horizon of God’s glory beaming across the ocean. 

I want to be able to feel the cool Caribbean breeze flow and ripple across my face and mess up my hair that is so neatly pressed on a normal work day. 
I want to step out into the sand with no shoes on and walk for miles along the coast of the earth and talk to you to tell you how grateful I am to be in a place very close to paradise.

I want to explain how hard I try to work every day to feed my family and how I miss my husband whom I was married to for 14 years and how sometimes I get angry because he is not here anymore.

I want to go somewhere beautiful with you to eat the fruit from the land of pure milk and honey and indulge in the luxury of being served on a silver platter. The opportunity to say “Thank you” and in return they say, “my pleasure to serve you.” 

I just want to go somewhere beautiful with you. Anywhere…

Raquel ©

Photo credit:  Six Senses Spa | Dominican Republuc


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