Worst case scenario 

Worst case scenario:  would you be able to handle it?

We are all faced with making major decisions all day every day. Decisions that impact not only yourself, but others around you. Although we are not perfect, it is the risk we are forced to take for a particular desired outcome. 

We are taught to take risks, born to be visionaries, leaders, helpers, and administrators. We are taught not to be fearful in pursuing our dreams, to set short and long-term goals to find success in our purpose-driven lifestyle; but with these risks we must have reasoning and wisdom. 

If you can pause long enough to consider the worst case scenario, would you be able to handle the outcome of the decisions you made?  

Your next move could be major.

#Teaching moments 

8 thoughts on “Worst case scenario 

  1. I agree. I am happy with the life that I have lived. I have been a traveler, I have been a party person. I have lived. Some good some bad but it was all fun. I want to continue to live. You Only Have life. So live life.

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      1. This gives you something to think about. Sometimes we’re fearful of making that move because we’re afraid of what the outcome maybe. But you’re right life is about taking chances. Maybe this time when you take that chance it will be the right one, if you don’t you’ll be wondering that what if..

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  2. This gives us something totally to consider. Most of us are in fear of the uncertainity and hesitant on taking the next step whatever it may be. Life is full of changes, but in order to live a life of fullness you have to take a chance because if you don’t you tend to wonder that what if syndrome. Not only do we live with the decisions we make you can also learn from them. I call it continually growing through it all

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  3. Can’t agree more with your post and comments. The common concern I have based on experience is many people recognize the decisions they make, knowing they could possibly attain some success, get closer to their dreams or at a minimum learn something new about themselves. Yet, we have the self resistant dialogue with ourself and find ourselves 5 years into the future standing in the same place; no risk & no reward = no growth. I chose not to be that person, not to contemplate and stand still. Being the example, jumping off the ledge and creating my own landing…in order to be, we must do. Starts with a decision.

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