King Qualities 

I give because I love, I work because I have to, I sacrifice because that’s my path to survival. Yet, sometimes I still feel insecure, like there’s no one here to support me or there’s no one in my corner. I go above and beyond to take care of my family, but who takes care of me?  
Where is my King?

A ruler, whose sovereign with a crowned head, who is better and more important than any other, the most important piece in the game and has inherited all the qualities of a King. 
Strong, not just physically, but mentally strong to handle my crave for emotional attention. 
Spiritual enough to know that he has to humble himself before a higher power to handle life’s challenges. 
Fiscally responsible to control the finances and keep residual income flowing. 
The ability to love and to be true to himself. 

A problem solver; a decision-maker. 
A confidant. 
King qualities that I can see. 
I deserve a King. 

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