Stand in your truth!

I was naive, maybe too nice at times, but I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. A chance to stand in their truth; but not too many have been able to do that except one or two in my realm.  I’ve been in toxic relationships once or twice in my lifetime. Lied to, cheated on, disrespected, non-committed, and abandoned. 

His lies made me feel revengeful, guilty, ashamed, or used. Even those feelings are lies. Why should I feel these negative vibes?

People lie all the time, they make mistakes, and contemplate how they can manipulate the other person for their own personal gain. 

Lies used to really bother me, but not anymore. Even those who say with their mouths what they can or will do, have not been able to withstand on every word they speak or promise. They are just not that perfect to me. 
Your truth won’t always be easy but the more you stand in it; the less drama you bring. 

Don’t let their lies, lie in the bosom of your heart. Don’t get mad and upset because they lied to you. Their lies don’t have anything to do with you. It’s their own insecurities they struggle with. 

The lie is designed to make you upset. Perhaps made to make you believe that you are the reason they lied. But that’s not true. If you’re faced with a lie when you know the truth, you’ll know that their lies had nothing to do with you.  
Stand in your truth, or walk away with your lies. 
Raquel ©

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