A Letter to my teenagers

I am glad you are here, breathing and healthy. You are a blessing to me because you are a strong and able body that can help me with many responsibilities since your Father left us.  

One day you will understand what the word sacrifice mean because having to care for children for 18+ years teaches us sacrifice. But we do this because we love you.  
So when you get upset I am sorry:
I am sorry that you cannot listen to rap music with explicit lyrics.

I am sorry that you cannot drive without a valid drivers license and car insurance.

I am sorry that you cannot smoke weed. 

(Actually not sorry about that)

I am sorry your friends can’t come over every darn weekend.  

I am sorry you can’t throw parties in my house and pretend like I’m not there to monitor you and your friends.

I’m sorry I stay on your about doing your school work and to make good grades. 

I am sorry I confiscate your phone when your chores are not done. 

I am sorry that I cannot wash and iron your clothes anymore. 

And the list can go on and on.  
But know that I love you and I work hard to provide a roof over your head, clothes to wear and food to eat three times a day everyday.  
Once you become the responsible adult I raised you to be, I hope you will remember I was there for you everyday for those 18 years.  
Be strong, be respectful, be dependable and be a man of your word. 
Love, Momđź’•

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