Cause & Effect

Jumped in too fast and tried to walk away, expressed all your love and expected them to do the same.

Now you may ask yourself, what are we doing nowadays? Are we dating or just friends? And if you’re not sure, just pick one, the safest one for sure.  

At any given moment you may experience being Moody, Excited, Fearful, Loving, having Doubt, Joy, Hurt, Romantic, Broken, Adventurous, Confused, Euphoric, Vulnerable, Optimistic, High, Obsessed, Fulfilled, Addicted, Lucky, Mad, Blessed, Embarrassed, Peaceful, yet UnProtected.

Lies can bring anger and you don’t want to push those buttons. Stand in your truth or walk away with your lies.

Keep it real or 💯 so assumptions are not made to create fear (false events appearing real).

If they are the cause of any insecurities, they will feel the effects of your wrath.  

Address your insecurities without regret but in a way they won’t forget. 

#Hopeless Romantic 
#Dominican Fantasy
Soul Ties are Real
#People have motives
#Everything happens for a reason

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