Who run this?

I been f*@king around w/ya playing w/yo emotions like I’m Chris Tucker on Friday do it my w/ya.

Cuz I stuck around 4/ya, when yo azz wasn’t doing shit but running round the D wrapping nothing but them MF swisher sweets.
Tonight u gon learn its yo turn, all the shit you put me through. I’m a come through w/that action then leave you on that mattress.
Does it ever cross yo mind you told me that u love then turned around and told your homeys we was just f”@king.
Does it ever cross yo mind, you said girl I need you, now you got amnesia.

It’s Déjá Vu, cuz I’ve been here w/you. We’ve been here, we done this, who run this?  ~Déjá Vu ~Twenty88

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