Strength Through Pain

I’d like to welcome my friend Che’, to The Poetry Journal.  Che’ has been an attribute to my journey for over a year now and I asked her if she would be a contributing writer on my blog.

Please welcome her with open minds with her first blog. “Strength through Pain” 😘

Experienced the loss of her mother. Drug addiction controlled her father.

Hurt and pain grew stronger.
Many questions asked, but no one to answer.

Having to mature sooner than she wanted. Coping with life’s demands became a burden.

She formed a veil to hide her pain.
Hoping the sun would shine through the rain.

Behind this veil was a callused being.
Protection is what she was yearning.

Protection from fear, worry, and self-doubt.
Trying to understand how these insecurities came about.

Everyday was a struggle.
Trying to perfectly fit pieces to life’s puzzle.

With the help of God and self determination, she stood tall and conquered her situations.

From the pain that she once felt,
Strength and hope was manifested.

She then understood that the life she was dealt.
Prepared her to become the woman God intended.

Sweetly Blessed

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