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Rude Awakening 

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I can’t walk in your shoes, but I can listen to you.  I’m a dreamer, feeler, thinker, controller & entertainer but not necessarily in that order.  

I bounce and change daily.  I can be moody and I don’t think things all the way through.  I used to analyze certain things, but I’ve changed since he left me.

I don’t pay attention to details anymore, I only look close enough to see the dream.  I take each day one step at a time and whatever I don’t finish, I leave it for another day.  

My vulnerability stays with me daily and reminds me to have courage to be me.  I can be very self-centered, but definitely not vain.  Just self-taught to put myself first because no one will take care of me.  

Loyalty?  What does that look like?  After being hurt or saddened by so many of my loved ones or close ones, perhaps I was blind to the fact that someone could genuinely care about me.

Thanks for sharing and next time I dream, maybe I can include you and not just me. 

Rude Awakening ~💤💤



Author: Raquel Helm

Author|Blogger|Creative Writer|Poet ~ Connecting you to live and love on purpose.

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