The Oxymoron of Love…

Our ❤️ enjoys torturing our minds 😆🤔
~Jessica Y.

Love has a way of contradicting itself by allowing you to experience the good and the bad.  Just because you experience the bad part of being in love does not necessarily mean it’s not real love.

There’s something special about being in the presence of someone who has touched your life in a special way.  It could be their smile or the way they touch you.  It could be the disagreements and the make ups afterwards.  Or it could just be them, just the way they are.

Just know that when and if you cross their path the awareness will be heightened by curiosity and mysterious things will begin to evolve.  Observations will be made and decisions will be forced to take place.

But one thing is for sure, when you can’t stop loving this special someone, it resonates in your DNA and it lingers on seems like forever.

If I say I Love You, would you believe me or would you judge my love by my actions? ~Tough Love

If I say I Love You with all my heart, would you believe me or would you believe that my heart is deceitful? ~Intimate Stranger

“Love”…Do you say it but don’t mean it or Do you mean it but don’t say it? ~Clearly Confused

Is it ever enough to say I Love you or is one time sufficient? ~Hopeless Romantics

How do you measure it?  Is it wider than Victoria Lake? Is it taller than the Empire State? Is it stronger than Pride? ~Lifeless Relationship

Does love change overnight?~Physical Chemistry

Does it look like this? (50/50)~Selfish Lover

If love is not treating you right, you may feel the need to disrupt the relationship on purpose.  ~Sweet Revenge 

When you keep arguing about the same thing and still can’t let go.~Lovers’ Quarrel

Skillfully controlling the emotions to satisfy the desires of the heart.~Crazy Love

Who can define true love for you?



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