My Children 🙏🏼❤️🌹

“Wanting Greatness for your Children” 

Be fruitful and multiply to bring forth children into this thing called life. This is a great conversation piece with your significant other, prior to marriage, to identify important goals for wanting what is best for your unborn child. In my opinion, it is one of the most important decisions for the institution of marriage.

Being a parent is described as one of the greatest challenges in our lifetime, yet it can be very rewarding. Couples get excited about love, intimacy and living happily ever after, and then miraculously a child is born into this world. Children, at all ages require a great deal of attention to prepare them for what’s ahead in life. Parents must be very mindful of how we treat them, how we talk to them, how we react when they disappoint us and how we discipline them. Children require many things but discipline, dedication, commitment and love can help them get through the learning process of improving their education and building healthy relationships. Even having all of these qualities as a parent, the job can become overwhelming time and time again.  

Parents bear a huge responsibility for their child’s health, education, social life, and a spiritual foundation; however the greatest liability is feeling responsible for their failures. You may ask yourself, what am I doing wrong? What can I do to help them? Why didn’t they ask for my help? But what happens when your children fail? How does the parent and the child react to failure? If and when they fail, it can be discouraging to both the parent and the child. Both can learn and grow from these failures because it allows the child to see their mistakes and to think about ways to correct them. Take the failure and turn it into an opportunity for growth. Reinforce to the child that it is also their responsibility to take ownership of their life for their future success.  

Are you willing to make the sacrifices for your child to give them the attention they need to succeed? Will you be there when they fail and what strategies do you have for failure? There is an enormous amount of pressure wanting to see your child succeed. Think about it and move forward with their future in mind.  

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