4-7 Junio 🌜2🌛

For so long, I wrestled with why I loved him so much.  The way we met and how he pursued me so heavily.  The daily text messages and his push notifications going off on my phone all day.  I couldn’t comprehend this aggression he was giving me.

The conversations were constant, yet intriguing, having to interpret a foreign language.  Although it was a constant struggle with the cultural and communication barriers, which created tension between us, even that built up more anticipation of going to see him again and again and again and again.

We needed a face-to-face rendezvous.

Even after Lie, after Lie, after Lie, U R the 1, so if I get another one of His Push Notifications, I will surely Fall and this will be my 5.0 to get my Sunshine back and then we can Make It Rain Now.

This is how its going down in the DR…



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