And there he was…

I was on a trip I had planned to take over the beautiful blue ocean called the Caribbean Sea. This place was busy with many people with familiar faces.  I knew I was close to him, but there was no possibility I could see him due to circumstances beyond my control.  I carried on about my day, shopping, eating, and beaches until my very last night on the island.

And somewhere in the hotel, in front of a small dining hall, there he was, standing there… Six feet tall, mulatto skin tanned and smooth.  His chest was contoured like an athlete and his stomach was rippled like a washboard.  He was drenched as if he had to go between hail and high waters to see me.  He was standing in his underwear with a smile on his face.  He said the manager took his wet clothes and washed them; therefore he had nothing.  I was left with him, speechless, but we picked up right where we left off the last time we were together.

I laid in his arms, with my hands on his chest, and I could not stop kissing him.  He tried to speak about his rough journey but I was interrupting him with my soft lips.  “Shhh… Is Ok. You’re here with me now, Papi.”

And there he was, the one I was longing for… right there in my dream. 💤💤💤


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