My future is bright with you in it

Greetings, I received an phone call from an unknown number when I arrived at work today.  At first, I could not recognize the voice, but after a few seconds I realized it was a good friend of mine.  I sat down at my desk and we began to discuss his business plans for the week and then we moved on to his relationship matters.  After a lengthy conversation, he said, ” I didn’t say she was not the one; I’m just not sure if she is the right one.”  I replied, “Isn’t that like 50/50?  He then proceeded to say, “If you would just marry me, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

I was listening to him, but I also had other people behind me having a conversation.  I became distracted by the dichotic listening in my space.  As I began to come back to the conversation, my brain was processing his last statement.  I was asking myself, did he say that to her or was it her speaking to him?  No, wait!  I replied, were you directing that statement at me?  I totally burst into laughter, because I realized how easily I am distracted by other sounds around me.  Like, it just literally went over my head when I heard him say that.  My response to him was, “Well if that was a proposal, then yes!  I DO!”  (ROFLOL)  Sunday, July 24, 2016 in Costa Rica!  We both laughed.

That little bit of laughter made my day; stay in the moment!  Focus!

Future is bright

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