It Can Happen To You

I noticed him, but I did not think he would be strong enough to sweep me off my feet. One touch, one kiss, it was total bliss. His words, his song, his big strong arms caressed me into his soul.

I tried to resist him by turning away but he waited patiently for me to stay. But why my love? porque Dios raquel. ¿por qué lo crees?

My Insecurities of fear and jealousy surfaced and gave me doubt that this could be. I fought inside to hide the love I felt deep within my heart. It taught me to deal with that fear and jealousy & to be patient, instead of controlling everything.

He is still Amazing to me.

He is patient & calm, confident, loyal, God-fearing, fun, loving,EMAV & passionate. He is Love.

And when I finally decided to stop fighting with him, I know now he swept me off my feet and carried me through the storm. ~

RaHelm Creations 2015


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