I should’ve listen to my intuition
I’ve put myself in this position
It’s all my fault.. is how the lyrics of this song begin. I know I’m not the only one who has gone through this. If only I could post H.E.R. Lyrics to this song on my blog, because the lyrics just resonates with not only myself, but I’m sure with many of beautiful women who chose to listen to their intuition.

The way I feel… Don’t hold it against me! Go check it out!

Songwriters: Gabi Wilson / Hue Wayne Strother

Against Me lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc, Universal Music Publishing Group

The Gaslight

He created this crazy obsession from the very beginning. He begged her for her body and she gave it to him. She didn’t think she would ever see him again. It was not in her plans. Giving him a part of her, connected her soul with him, physically!

Next, he started texting her with love gestures several times a day, and he was very good at being consistent with this type of attention he gave her. This went on every day for four years consistently. He had her connected to him mentally.

“Good morning my love. How was your day?”

“I am fine thanks, my love. How are you?”

“Imagine my day without lights, without hot water, without gas to cook.”

“Yea sounds like a struggle. I’m sorry you have to live that way, but don’t worry it’s going to be ok. The lights will come on, some days you’ll get to experience hot showers, and if you continue to work hard enough, you’ll keep the gas light on.”

He definitely kept the gaslight on. He psychologically manipulated his way into her everyday life. Every day, it was hello my love. How was your day? She would tell him, my days are good, but some days are not as good as the others because, I can’t clearly see how I can live and love you while you are overseas. When the patterns change, and the evidence is plain, it’s hard to stay in the same place of insanity! This is senseless that you get to enjoy the pleasure of playing out your fantasies with your pursuit of exploring other women; yet I, being the advocate for love, I am in pursuit of my own monogamous love affairs, and what you have going on over there, it just does not line up with what I want! We clash!

She told him …”Trust me, I understand your need to fulfill your desires, but I just can’t answer the call! Yet you continue to draw me in with your dirty thoughts of me fulfilling yours. It’s time to let go of the thought that you can keep me under your control. You are a narcissist, and you master keeping the gaslight on to burn in your favor no matter what it cost!” The Master Manipulator ~ You Are!

“When I begin to speak up and expose you for the monster you are, you tell me you love me and that you are mine, but I know it’s not true on the level of what I want. This is not true to who I am or what I want!”

Emotionally Connected

“This is not just some misunderstanding, nor is it a case of cultural barriers, at this point I need you to acknowledge the fact that we are different and I do not want to conform to your world!”

“You have many options to choose from to fulfill the desire of your kind, so go and be free my love to fulfill the happiness that you so desire! The love that we shared with each other was only for a temporary time, and now I want to leave in peace, I leave you with love and you will be just fine.”

Trelawny, Jamaica

When I began to read upon the history of Jamaica, my heart wept and I didn’t want to read about it anymore.

Jamaica was a true gift and Jamaica gave me more infinite power.

Sometimes we are trapped in our minds by the souls of other people and being trapped runs very deep. Some may not be able to escape the entrapment until it’s too late.

This trip to Montego Bay freed me. This trip gave me the courage I needed to explore something new in spite of the harsh rumors I heard about Jamaica. Let’s explore what I saw together.

Booking this trip took some careful planning and extensive research because people have been touring to Jamaica for well over 50 years. In 1999, Jamaica was getting approximately 2M tourists to visit their island, but today’s statistics show twice that amount with 4.3M tourists visiting their enchanted islands of Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios.

Why did I choose Royalton?

Although I love authentic culture, I wanted familiarity since this was my first visit to Jamaica. I wanted modernized decor with great views at a modern price! You have to be careful when choosing Jamaica because the views are amazing and it can be very costly especially for two or more people. This is not your Cancun type of vacation. No pun intended Mexico.

In my opinion, there was no such thing as a bad view at Royalton. The architectural design was made to give everyone a great view of the resort, the pools and the ocean! No one should have to endure a a building blocking your view while on vacation. That just defeats the purpose for me! When I get to my room, I need space, relaxation and a balcony with great scenery and I need to see the sunrise and set everyday.

Here you can see this resort has two buildings that face the ocean! Your choice is not Ocean View, it’s more like how high do you want to be to see the ocean view. You can be as high as 6 stories up! If you’re lucky; get that corner spot!

But for me and my crew, I chose the swim out. I thought it would be sweet to sit out on the balcony and have our own private pool. It kinda gave it that luxurious feeling as if we were special! Actually, we were “special” ~

The SPA gave me a Restorative Glow Body Treatment and A Nourishing Facial! Be sure to take full advantage of any resort credits that is included in your vacation package. It’s well worth it.

Make sure you eat well because everything is included! When I’m on vacation in the Caribbean, I choose to eat plenty of fruit. Mainly because the fruit here in the states just don’t taste the same and the variety is slim.

We had our fair share of it all… Spicy Jerk Chicken, Smoked Lobster Tails, rice and beans, meat pies and plenty of champagne!

Do not forget to try the Bob Marley shots! At first I couldn’t get it down, but I wasn’t going to leave without trying it!

That is Kareem! He greeted us, gave us a tour, and introduced us to the Royalton Family. A big thank you to Royalton for their exquisite taste and hospitality!

Try not to feel trapped in anything, and I know it’s hard sometimes because trust me, I have been there! But if you do feel that entrapment, just travel and you will find that infinite power within you to move in another direction.

Love, Lady Quél

Declare What You Desire

I never would’ve imagined that my life would be what it is today and I could not be more happy to proclaim who’s I Am! His grace and His mercy had allowed me to manifest my desires and to still be able to maintain has been the greatest blessing.

Lord I love you with all my heart and all my soul. I’m grateful for the time you give me to spend with my children. Help me to not be selfish, but to continue to help them grow in to depend on your guidance.

As you go about your day, I hope that you can boldly declare what you desire.

Love, Quél


Miami, Florida aka MIA aka South Beach aka SoBe…

Many things can be said about South Beach, but I wanted to experience it for myself!

Historically, South Beach was originally farmland for coconuts back in 1870. A group of four men collaborated their ideas and their capital to incorporate the Town of Miami Beach which was suitable for residential living by 1920. Many millionaires bought homes in South Beach such as Harvey Firestone, J.C. Penny, Harry Stutz and Rockwell LaGorce to name a few.

Maybe a decade later, an architectural change came about and this artistic change was labeled Art Deco. I didn’t know Art Deco was founded so long ago.

By the 1940’s, South Beach became a hot tourist attraction bringing millions to the sunny beaches and fancy hotels, while still having much presence of residential living for retirees!

South Beach is also famous for filming television shows and movies such as Miami Vice, Will Smith’s Bad Boy’s I & II and The Birdcage.

But who would’ve known that South Beach was once considered to be a poor area with a high crime rate after the cocaine era set in. Despite all of that, SoBe has been historically preserved by a group of activists and is currently in the National Register of Historic Places.

SoBe is a perfect replica that you can keep anything alive if you nurture and revitalize it.

I was impressed by my SoBe Experience.

SoBe has many hotels to choose from, and most of the hotels have cafés out front to enjoy delectable food and drinks, or people watch, you will feel the magical southern breeze and partake in that Oceanic drive energy.

For this trip, I really had to dig deep to find something special. I wanted to chose something close to the beach, with recent renovations, but still had that Art Deco vibe. I noticed most of these historic hotels rooms were small, but I found something bigger! My choice was The Fairwind Hotel!

This hotel was one of my favorites, because it did not carry the big brand name, but it came with a really big value! I literally love boutique hotels, only because it sets them apart from everyone else. Boutique hotels give meaning to the average traveler, who is big on value but wants to stay within a frugal budget!

Located on Collins Dr., The Fairwind is a short two minute walk to the infamous Ocean Drive and the beach. This may not be your five star resort with exercise equipment and butlers, but it has the professional service for a pleasant stay without the extravagant price.

Not all of the rooms have a balcony with a view, but I really felt as if my room was assigned just for me! Top floor Room #519

Some of the amenities that I liked (I call these scenic amenities) were the palm tree courtyard, here you can order your lunch or dinner with drinks from the 100 Collins bar, who mixed up a mean Margarita.

The Parisian Café

Last~ the Rooftop Pool view!

You can travel with out the resort-brand experience and still get the most out of your mini vacation! My preferences were met all under $500! My flight was $100 roundtrip with a basic economy fare and a split on the room accommodations for a 3 night/4 day vacation is all you need if you really wanna get away!

Colllins Ave is also close to shopping and other restaurants. Find yourself a reputable travel partner and get going!

That’s my sis! Showing me how to party in Miami!

If you really want to travel… SoBe It ~ CU Soon!


South Beach MIA

I am excited to learn more about Miami’s history. This hotel was my #1 pick mainly because of its recent renovations, the Art Deco design, room size, amenities and SoBe location.

The Fairwind has a history dated back to the 1930’s. L. Murray Dixon, an architect born in 1901, is credited for designing more than 10 hotels and residences in South Beach. The Fairwind has preserved some of Dixon’s work with the opulence and fun of the bygone era.

Soon I will be able to see it for myself and capture some great photos to share with you soon.


I don’t know what kind of life I was dealt. Young vibrant woman seeking a career with the FBI; but chose to settle down with my crush from high school, working in the non profit religious sector. Now 20 years later, a widow raising three teenage sons and looking at 15 years from retirement! Where did the time go? Along with my retirement?

Doesn’t sound like a lifestyle of the rich and famous! If you’re not rich and famous, (that is) hopefully you can save enough for retirement to live like one!

Lord, I am not complaining, but someone needs to hear this.

Financial advisors are experts to help you plan for a retirement income. They can use statistics, income trends, and inflation to come up with an ideal figure that you should be able to live off of when you retire and if you follow this plan, it can be accomplished.

Then life happens…

You may start off with a job you probably really didn’t want, but was super excited to make your own money and to spend that hard earned money the way you imagined it.

This job will probably be minimum wage or if you’re lucky above minimum wage and it may also include benefits.

If you’re expecting to attend college and obtain at least a bachelors degree, you could be looking at a better opportunity for a decent job with a competitive starting salary.

Once you find that dream job of yours and if you’re concerned about retirement; (in which at a young age you’re probably not) one benefit you want to look for is a retirement plan that will help you reach your goals. Not only through financial literacy, but with some type of matching contribution or if not a matching contribution, hopefully some small percentage of a joint effort from your employer. This is the main reason it’s considered a benefit! A small contribution is better than none! As they say, No Contribution is too Small!

Ask, Ask and Ask more questions. Do your research; start saving and investing today for a happy retirement.

Make sure you include your beneficiaries just in case you don’t live to see retirement; but based on your choices you will make, most likely you will!